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Planning a school party – really

I LOVE having lunch with the rest of the faculty.  It’s almost my favorite part of the day 🙂  It’s a pretty small junior high so I get to know the teachers for other subjects way more than I have at other schools.

Today the English teacher/SBO advisor mentioned that they are running behind where she’d like to be for planning our next school party.  So far all they know is the date, that they want to decorate the walls with white paper and neon paint/marker, they have a free DJ and black lights, and that they want to have cookies and lemonade.  So a lot of the background planning is done, but not putting it all together.

After school I was looking through my text book for the 7th grade class (Saxon course 3) and saw that one of their performance tasks was planning an event.  For the task they give some details to use to plan a pretend event.  I saw that and decided it would be much more fun to plan a real one!  Especially because there was one coming up anyway.

Math ideas so far:

– lateral surface area: how much paper will we need to cover the walls with white?

– coverage: how much paint or how many markers will we need?

– rate: how long will it take to decorate the whole room if one sheet takes ___ minutes?

– unit price: cost per cookie/drink from different vendors

– statistics: survey of who wants to go, what activities they’d like to have there


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