Resolving Dissonance

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I teach Junior High – mostly math, one Psychology class.  Which is where the blog name comes from!  I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while, but couldn’t think of a good name that wasn’t already gone.  I also didn’t want something too math related because I don’t plan for all of my posts to be about math.  Many yes, probably most, but not all.  In my psychology class we started talking about cognitive dissonance and that sounded like a perfect description for my blog!

As I’ve been teaching I’ve felt a sence of dissonance about some of the things I do, or even things other teachers do.  And sometimes there are good arguments for both sides.  So this blog is about my explorations into what works best.  At reducing any dissonance I may have.

I am in my first year of teaching math. In the education field, I have also previously worked at a residential treatment center and as a special eduction aide at elementary school.  I am also the mom of a kindergartener 🙂


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