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Online Math Centers

on March 3, 2013

Sunday FundayThank you Julie
for Sunday Funday 🙂  Helps keep me blogging when someone else comes up with the ideas for what to write about!  This week’s topic: Math Centers!

I use standards based grading for my 9th grade class and every once in a while it seems like they all just need a day to catch up on something – but it’s a different something for each of them.

Twelve different math centers wouldn’t work so well with traditional centers 🙂 So I set up links on the class blog and reserve the mobile lab for the day.  They look up any goals they are missing or have a low score on, then go to the links on the class blog for that particular goal.

The links include tutorials, practice problems, videos, games.  Whatever I can find online that might help them with that goal if they didn’t already “get it” when we worked on it in class.  (or, more likely, if they weren’t here that day or chose not to participate that day.)  Sometimes I will also scan in relevant homework with worked out solutions and notes from in class.

It’s a good way to give everyone time to work on whatever it is that they need to do.  Some students don’t need a catch up day, but almost all of them will have one thing they could work on.  Even students who have perfect scores on all the assessments can still use the game links, Or can help other students.

I want to do something similar to this for my math lab class… but haven’t had time to organize it yet.  This could also be done without computers by having activities/notes/practice in hanging folders.  I also want to get a stock pile of games made for my math lab class. Things like scrabble with math, tarsia sets, math dominoes, math go fish or memory, card matches, etc.  That might happen over spring break 🙂



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