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Linear Equations Card Matching Game

on February 3, 2013
graf of linear equation

graph of linear equation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the standards for my ninth graders is that when given a context, graph, equation, or a context they can use that to create the other three. I have one standard for linear equations and one for exponential equations.

They mostly get the linear one. They still REALLY have a hard time with exponential. Mostly with coming up with a context. If I give them the context, then can usually work from that to create the other three parts (graph, equation, and table). But if I give them one of the other three, only one of them has been able to give me a context that works.

I saw a card matching game for linear functions on another website where students match the graph, the equation, a description (slope, intercept), and the table. That’s almost what I need! So I downloaded the files that blogger provided then made contexts to match them.

I’ve put off writing this blog because I REALLY want to say where I got the cards from! But I now can’t find it… thought it was on my Pinterest board, but the one on there was a different teacher that didn’t have downloads available. (edit: after some searching through my browser history, I found the original download!)

There are two equations I couldn’t come up with a real context for. And some of the other ones are stretching things a bit. I’ve read a little recently about trying to make math in school more authentic. Definitely something I’m aiming toward as I have time to work on it, and I do include some more realistic things for other lessons.

To make the matching more authentic, at some point I’ll need to do the context cards first – then create the rest.  This time however… all the other work was already done and I’m in a time crunch, so used what was available.

Here are my files for the linear matching game:


Coming soon I’ll have pictures posted of the game.  Right now they are headed for my “parent basket” for a volunteer to copy, cut, and laminate them.

You can find my links to the matching game for exponential equations here.  These ones I like better than the linear!  I started with context first, then made the table, graph, and equation.  It was tons easier to make realistic context doing it that way.


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