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NWEA testing = no school for me :)

on January 28, 2013

Our school does NWEA testing three times per year. The first week or two of school, toward the end of January, and then toward the end of May. Usually it’s done during the Language Arts (English) classes, but this time around they decided to do it during math class. So my only class to actually teach for the first 4 days of this week is “math lab.” Which is kind of a study hall for math.

Seems like a good time for a couple of days off! I went to school today for the first day of testing to get everything going and the kids into the routine. Now two days off! I’ll be back for the fourth day of testing because it’s the make up day, so I can work with students who finished already. For the one class not testing I made a list of all their missing assignments for any class and the tests they need to go back and fix/study for my class and left that for the sub. Along with some math worksheets just in case.

I’m excited to see the results from the test! It will be good to see what they’ve learned since the beginning of the year, and good to see what areas we need to work on during the next half of the year.

Also excited for two days off of course. I’ve been needing to go file for an eviction of a tenant… so now I can get that done. And need ro re-register my car this month.


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